Our company SN NAILS LTD are proud to supply ENII-NAILS products. We are the exclusive distributor of all ENII-NAILS products in UK and Republic of Ireland. We also provide many other staple products required by professional salons. ALL ENII- NAIL PRODUCTS ARE TRADE ONLY.

We are a family run business with a distribution centre in Arbroath, Scotland. SN NAILS LTD are trying to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible using recyclable packaging. Our parcel company in the UK is Royal Mail.

ENII-NAILS is a vibrant, rapidly expanding, international, award-winning cosmetics brand originating in the Czech Republic. They research, design and manufacture a wide range of professional nail cosmetics products with an innovative focus on Acrylic and Gel systems – LED/UV Gels, Rubber Gel system, PolyGel system, LuxGel system.

ENII-NAILS has earned a reputation amongst nail professionals for outstanding innovative products, pioneering the latest technology and techniques. Thus trying to help the nail technician in their work and to the satisfaction of their customers. We think you’re going to love them as much as we do.

I would like to introduce you to our biggest selling product,which is our Rubber system. Our new generation gels which is flexible like rubber,they are excellent for working with fragile and destroyed nails.Rubber builder gel does not burn when cured in the lamp. Thanks to the new technology,they are very elastic and flexible. Gel guarantee extra strong adhesive properties,they do not leak to the cuticle,with right application on the nail there is no need for sanding.

Polygel is a new modeling technology,they combine best properties of acrylic and gel system. Polygel is strong as Acrylic and flexible as Gel .Polygel product perfectly holds the shape of the nail,it is Acid-Free and odorless, it cures in the lamp in 60s.

All our UV/LED Gels are single-phase,they are self -leveling, which does not require extensive filing after curing. Ultra strong builder Gel ensure perfect adhesion. Costumers don’t feel any burning on there nails ,they are HYPOALEGENIC, Acid- Free and Cure in 30 s.

LuxGel System is latest innovative product of ENII-NAILS,they brings a new concept of professional nail cosmetic line,where it combines top quality and 18FREE,where the material does not contain toxic components,the line is 18FREE (9+) non-toxic. LuxGEL has long durability,strong adhesive,diamond glass+ technology,they are creamy viscosity,strong color shades and VEGAN . The range carries compact interconnected systems such as LUXLAC GEL, LUX BASE GEL, LUX TOP GEL, LUXONE STEP GEL or excellent professional gel based lacquer LUX LAC with LUX LAC TOP em and other innovations like LUX GEL Remover 5-10min, LUX Pedi Gel, LUX Builder Gel and LUX Color Gel , which we will soon introduce.

In near future we will be providing a training work shop in our company premises in Arbroath to help qualified nail Technician using ENII-NAILS products


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Visitor/College Offer:... Get 20% off rubber system, buy 2 luxlac gel polish and get 100ml gel remover for free, buy 3 acrylic powders and get brush cleaner and nail files for free or buy 2 polygel and get polygel liquid free.